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How much money should I carry with me for the Kilimanjaro climb?

How much money to bring with you depends on many factors. First, let’s go through what you don’t need to spend money on, and then what you need to spend prior, and finally how much you need to carry with you.

IMPORTANT TIP: Bring dollars that are new (nothing older than 2016) with no marks or tears.

Your trip up Kilimanjaro will include the following (unless other arrangements have been made):

  • All food during the climb

  • Hotel before & after climb in Moshi, Tanzania

  • Breakfast all days

  • Flights

  • Transportation to and from the airport in Moshi, Tanzania

  • Transportation to and from the mountain and your hotel in Moshi

Things to pay for prior:

  • $100-300–Shots (Check with us to find out which shots you are required and which ones are required. Click here to read more.

  • $100–Visa Application (30 days Prior)

Money to Carry with You:

  • $20-40 on the climb to buy snacks & souvenirs while waiting to check in and on the way back to the hotel.

  • Tips $400+

  • Lunch & Dinner days before and after climb $6-15/each meal

  • Optional Waterfall & Coffee Plantation Tour $30-50 (pre-climb)

  • Optional Hot Springs Trip $30-50 (post-climb)

  • Shopping opportunities are limited to a few curio shops that sell inexpensive t-shirts and various handmade souvenirs. However, if you’re interested in tanzanite jewelry, there are lots of opportunities for great deals, but it is a high-end item compared to other typical souvenirs

  • Food during layovers.


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