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Image by Crispin Jones

Our Routes up the Mountain

We have 8 Routes we recommend, but if you can't find the perfect fit,

we specialize in customizing trips to fit you or your group's needs and abilities.


8-Day Lemosho Route

97% Success Rate

Starts at $2000 per person

The Lemosho Route is known as the most beautiful route on Kilimanjaro with one of the highest success rates.  Lemosho is one of the newer routes designed specifically to promote acclimatization. .

7-Day Lemosho Route

85% Success Rate

Starts at $1760 per person

This is the same beautiful route as the 8-Day Lemosho, but by eliminating one day, the success rate is slightly lower, but still quite high. Day 2 and 3 are combined on this route from the 8-Day Route

Image by David Magalhães
Image by Yoad Shejtman

7-Day Machame Route: Guide Favorite

85% Success Rate

Starts at $1700 per person

This is the perfect route for hikers confident of their hiking skills and resilience, but not as experienced in altitudes above 19K feet. This route is both physically demanding and high acclimatization profile. This route joins the Lemosho Route on Day 3 and offers the same breathtaking sites along the way

6-Day Machame Route

73% Success Rate

Starts at $1400 per personThis is a challenging hike for fit hikers with some altitude experience.  This has all of the beauty of the Machame 7-Day, but the day before summit night are particularly challenging.  Still, this route has a high success rate.

Image by Crispin Jones

7-Day Rongai Route

80% Success Rate

Starts at $1800 per personThis is the most secluded route, approaching the mountain from the north. You may hike for days seeing few if any hikers until you join the Marangu route for summit night and descent.  While Rongai does not offer the same views as Lemosho or Machame, it provides more opportunites to see wildlife. 

Less experienced hikers, may find this less challenging physically as the ascent is more gradual and less steep, but it does not offer opportunities for hiking high, sleeping low like other routes, so hikers are more likely to experience altitude sickness.  

Important feature of this route is the dry weather.  If you are planning a trip when rains are more likely, this is a good option to consider

6-Day Rongai Route

65% Success Rate

Starts at $1550 per person

The same route with all of the benefits of the 7-Day Rongai.  For those who are ready to take this route faster, this is for you, a secluded, dry, and less steep than the other routes.


6-Day Marangu Route

70% Success Rate

Starts at $1450 per personThis is the oldest route with the most traffic. It's known as the Coca-Cola Route. One of the features is the ability to sleep in huts instead of tents. Marangu approaches Kilimanjaro from the southeast of the Mountain.

6-Day Umbwe Route

65% Success Rate

Starts at $1600 per personA challenging yet picturesque ascent up Kilimanjaro. This route, located in the southern part of the mountain, is known for its steep and direct approach, making it one of the most demanding options available. Its reputation as the most scenic and difficult route stems from its rugged terrain and rapid elevation gain. Particularly in the initial two days, climbers encounter steep gradients and treacherously muddy sections, adding to the route's formidable reputation.

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